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Posted 8/8/2012

For all you die hard Mac Cosmetics fans this ones for you. Mac is expanding their line and adding press on nails featured in their new line called the Ruffian Collection. This collection features three pre designed nails with a lipstick to complement the look. You may be thinking press on nails are Pasay in the world of the $25 dollar full set however, press on nails are great for special occasions. After all not everyone wants to commit to the two-week fill in.

The Ruffian manicure debuts three hot looks the first look is the Demilune, which is a reverse French with black matte polish and a metallic gold strip along the base. The Ruffian gold lipstick accompanies this look, which is a sheer metallic gold. The second look is the Spectator, which is a creamy white color with black tips and black along the base of the nail. One nail on this set displays a whimsical design in black letters, which is designed to fit the ring finger. The matching lipstick is the Ruffian nude, which is a pale peachy matte color. The final look is the Demoiselle, which is a red nail with, black tips and white at the base of the nail. This nail is almond shaped which is a popular trend and gives the look some edge. The Ruffian Red lipstick is the same color as the polish and matches the nails perfectly.

Press on nails can be a hassle because of the fear of loosing one, if you want to give these nails a try take a few tips from a nail tech to get the best results. First push the cuticles back and make sure you remove the cuticle from the sides of the nails. Next lightly buff the nails to remove the shine next wipe the nails with nail polish remover. Doing these three steps will dehydrate the nail which will make the adhesive well, and may reduce any unexpected pop offs. Also if the nails are too big you can file the sides to get a better fit.

These nails are not for everyday wear but they may work well for special occasions or if you don’t have time to get your nails done. If you want to give this try The Ruffian Collection is available at all Mac locations.
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