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t's new. It's chic. It's popular. It's the Wine Loft Wine Bar!

The Wine Loft's objective is to have the largest wine bar in the nation. And we have arrived in Pittsburgh here at the SouthSide Works!

There is no doubt that the Wine Loft is ultra-sexy, cosmopolitan, and extremely upscale.
Our ultra lounge-y ambiance makes most of our patrons feel as though they are sipping wine in their own living room. The subtle house and trance music being played in the background just adds to the appeal. And our beautiful cocktail waitresses tie the whole thing together as they assist in creating an exceptionally relaxing intimate atmostphere.

Because the Wine Loft is perceived as a before- or after-dinner destination, it offers a selection of hors d'oeuvres and desserts. Each of the appetizers on the menu, which includes delicacies such as baked oysters topped with Brie, mushroom, artichoke and tasso ham sauce, is listed with a suggested wine. The Wine Loft will offer a choice of 120 wines by the glass and 320 by the bottle. This collection includes both domestic and international labels.

SouthSide works has the FIRST Wine Loft and true wine bar in the Pittsburgh Region!

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